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As a representational, figurative sculptor of the 21st century, I pay homage to the great voices of the sculptors of the past, many of whom are my heroes; however, I must sculpt in my own time, representing the lives, emotions and natural forms of my own cultural heritage. I desire that my art communicates my innermost visions, observations, and experiences of the world around me.

While I repeatedly come home to the human figure, it is not to the exclusion of other animal and allegorical interests. Variety in subjects stimulates and invigorates the imagination and provides one a wider, more comprehensive view of life—a broader diet of artistic nourishment. It is that presence of life, that essence of life that artists have striven for since cave drawings were created. The artist must see what every man has seen and think what no one else has thought.


— Garland Weeks

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Balance of Nature I

Coyote Skull with Horned Lizard


Balance of Nature I

Balance of Nature II

Great Blue Heron Skull with Tree Frog


Balance of Nature II
Balance of Nature III

Balance of Nature III

Bobcat Skull with Field Mouse


Balance of Nature IV

Balance of Nature IV

Buzzard Skull with Wren


Balance of Nature V

Balance of Nature V

Box Turtle with Lizard


Balance of Nature VI

Balance of Nature VI

Javalina Skull with Crow and Lizard


Balance of Nature VII

Balance of Nature VII

Burrowing Owl and Buffalo Skull


Balance of Nature VIII

Dragon Fly with Snapping Turtle Skull


Balance of Nature IX

Mice with Cog Gears


Balance of Nature X

Mother and Baby Jackrabbits with Horse Skull


Balance of Nature XI

Dung Beetle with Dung Ball


Balance of Nature XII

Barn Owl with Antelope Skull


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Garland A. Weeks, Sculptor

4101 N County Road 2000

Lubbock, Texas 79415


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